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April 2007
14AAA Champions - AZ Sky 14N1 Attack Roster: Caitlin Downs, Elise Hulsey, Kimberlee Kuhle, Lexie Larcher, Jocelyn Leichner, Kirea Mazzolini, Emma McKee, Kristen Northup, Melissa Norton, Rebecca Sponcil. Coach: Scott Lungren

AZ Sky Wins Clash of the 14’s Titans

For the entire season, two 14’s teams rose above; The AZ Sky 14-N1 Attack and the Arizona Juniors 14-1’s. They rose up the ranks with each other every tournament and so it was inevitable that when the smoke cleared on March 31st at Arizona State University, the 14’s Championship match would come down to these two.
And in Hollywood style, it was a titanic rift. Amazing play on both sides, terrific performances and coaching chess moves adding to the drama.

And as the credits roll, AZ Sky, 25-21, 22-25, 15-10.
Attack coach Scott Lungren knew the task ahead of his girls. “We only lost one match all season to a 14's team (Arizona Juniors) with our line-up, "if it's not broken, don't fix it!?" Then we played AJ’s at the regional NCQ and were beaten soundly, so we knew we had to mix it up, 'because they had our number! We changed our starting line-up and that seemed to do the trick! Zone serving was one of our biggest strengths all year and during this match it was very effective, with aces and "out of system" passes!”

14AAA Runner Up - Arizona Juniors 14-1 Roster: Nicole Battle, Ashli Bellinger-Dunn, Lexis Evans, Lauren Haeger, Ashley Hill, Rachael Lopez, Jordyn Moody, Natalie Murphy, Paige Pfeiffer, Haley Rose, Chelsey Schofield, Katarina Schulz, Chelsea Traina. Coaches: Tom Person, Joaquin Soares, Melissa Carrington.

AJ’s coach Tom Person gave Lungren credit. “Sky is a well coached, disciplined group and have played us tough all year. Scott deserves a lot of credit for putting a team on the court that improves every tournament. When we play Sky sometimes match ups make a difference. Scott and I played some interesting chess games when turning in lineups, but usually just good execution wins the day.”

Lungren said his team’s motto the entire year was ‘Heart’ and it was needed in the 3 set final. “The thing that was so special about these 10 girls is that they each had a role on this very successful team. They each played every single set, every single tournament and they each added their individual strength to make the success of the team.” He says, adding, “These girls have been a pleasure for me to coach and the team's cohesiveness has been exceptional.”

But if you missed, it, don’t despair. These two titans aren’t done with each other yet. Person says his team is still tinkering! “This is a team that still has their best days in front of them. The returning kids from last year are still improving and the new kids are rapidly catching up. We are trying to instill a fast paced offense dominated by quick sets to the middles and crossing patterns with the outsides. The time spent on this hasn't paid off yet but it will in the end.”

Lungren also understands the demands of success when it comes to his team. “I would love for them to try to stay together. I saw this very same situation with my own daughter's 14's team many years ago. And with the majority of them going to one high school and the rest scattered, there will be a tremendous pull on them from other clubs.”

Both teams feel there is a sequel coming, perhaps it’s their destiny. And as fans of the game, you are encouraged to get your tickets early. It’s sure to be a blockbuster for years to come.

14AA Champions

14AA Champions - AZ Sky 14R1 Neon Warriors Roster: Chelsea Chartrand, Tori Daniels, Katy Daniels, Jennifer Head, Thalia Jassemidis, Sarah Kuhn, Madeline Kuhn, Lisa Lillis, Morgan Lutich, Sydney Parker, Sharyn Tom. Coaches: Chanda Ford & Earl Capps

Two AZ Sky teams battled it out for the 14AA Championship on March 31st at Glendale Community College. The 14R1 Neon Warriors took the Championship over their 13R1 Fury counterpart with scores of 25-21 and 25-17. Keep your eye on the 13R1 Fury to defend their place in the Championships in 2008.

14AA Runner Up - AZ Sky 13R1 FuryRoster: Savannah Bridges, Audrey Buchanan, Amanda Chappell, Danielle Cipolletti, Natalie Clark, Jordan Everett, Victoria Fajardo, Francie Hessel, Erin Hill, Elizabeth Nichols, Megan O'Sullivan, Taylor Youngblood. Coach: Vince Zanzucchi

14A Champions

14A Champions - Shonto Starlings 14's Roster: Pamela Bitsoie, Kendra Black, Amber Johnson, Nicole Laughter, Brittany Lowe, Kirshawna Mailboy, Trenell Tso, Thaila Tsosie, Watonia Yellow. Coach: Harrison Miles

The Shonto Starlings 14's team entered Region play in February in the very last place in the ladder. Through three tournaments they battled and won the 14A Division Championships over AZ Sky 13R2 Shastaz. Congratulations Shonto Starlings 14's for the highest jump in position of all the 14's Division teams at the Region Championships.

14A Runner Up - AZ Sky 13R2 Shastaz Roster: Aubrey Alianza, Arden Anderson, Jennifer Burdick, Elaine Carpenter, Katherine Castrichini, Candace Evilsizor, Alison Kelly, Jasmine Safaie, Alexandra Taylor, Courtney Teerink, Kristen Todd. Coaches Diane Gunkel & Shayla Ames.


14's Division Final Standings

April 2007

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