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June 2006

Jr Beach Season Comes to a Close

The third Jr Beach Season in the Arizona Region came to a close on June 29th. This season marked a first for the Collegiate Women's Tournament, the Father/Daughter Tournament and the USA Beach HP Tournament. 420 players participated in at least one tournament throughout the season - an all time high for the Arizona Region. Watch for more college action and a Mother/Son Tournament next year along with an expanded USA Beach presence.

The Arizona Region will send the following teams to the USA Beach HP Camp in El Segundo, CA on July 18-20. Congratulations to our HP Beach winners!

Girls 12's - Lexi Anderson and Abby Hornacek

Girls 14's - Megan Dudzinski and Melissa New

Boys 14's - David Potocki and Bobby Schwarzkopf

Girls 16's - Betsi Metter and Kelsey Brown

Boys 16's - Jeff Dumbrell and Pierce Stewart

Girls 18's - Ashley Kelty and Michelle Hein

The Jr Beach Director and the AZ Region cannot say thank you enough to the kids, the parents, the chauffeurs, the staff at Victory Lanes and actually, the weather for their cooperation in making this program so successful. You are the reason this works, each and every one of you.

For a recap of each week of the Jr Beach Season click on the article linked below:

Till next summer…..

Weekly Recaps of the Beach Tournaments

Week 1 - Region Blasts Off   Week 2 - In the Quicksand   Week 3 - Above the Sand
Week 4 - Into the Home Stretch   Week 5 - De-Flagged in Charity Week   Week 6 - Crossing the Finish Line

Father Daughter Tourney HUGE Success

Hector & Heather Gradillas, Amanda & Jeff Beal
Doug & Ariel McDaneld, Michele & Norm Anderson
Jeff & Abby Hornacek, Lexi & Norm Anderson
Jeff & Haley VanRaaphorst, Sydney & Evan Butler

The Region's Junior Beach program spawned another winner on Father's Day as the first annual Father Daughter tournament brought out 60 teams of Dads and Daughters into the 110 plus heat for a spirited doubles tournament June 18th.

Dad's played in the age group of their daughters and using reverse coed rules, the field played pool play and those that finished in the top two of their pool went onto a single elimination bracket.

In the 12's division, Norm Anderson and daughter Lexi defeated Abby Hornacek and dad Jeff 21-15.

In the 14's division, Jeff and Haley VanRaaphorst defeated Sydney and Evan Butler 15-13 in the final.

In the 16's division, Norm Anderson took his second gold with daughter Michele, defeating Ariel and Doug McDaneld 21-9 in the final.

In the 18's division, Jeff and Amanda Beal topped Hector and Heather Gradillas 21-16 to take the gold.

Several mother's in attendance said they will be ready for next years Mother/Son tournament on Mother's Day, 2007. Stay tuned!

Tournament Raises Funds for Brain Tumor Research

Marc Buckhout, Northwest Valley News/Peoria Today, June 30, 2006

Ironwood HS junior Jenn Robinson is determined to be a difference maker, whether it's on the volleyball court where she's hoping to make the Eagles varsity volleyball team this season, or in the community.

While tryouts for the volleyball program are still more than a month away, it's clear that Robinson has already made her mark in a more important pursuit, raising funds for Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research.

During tournament play at Victory Lanes Sports Complex last week, June 19, 20 and 22, all the proceeds went to suppport S.S.B.T.R. Between Mike and Kim Krueger donating the use of the courts each night, the entry fees to compete in the tournament and donations from players and parents, more than $2000 was raised for the charity.

"That's the great thing about this group (S.S.B.T.R.). Even though I'm just a teen, you realize that you can make a difference," Robinson said.

The Glendale resident said she first began to learn about the issue of brain tumors when she heard about a valley high school volleyball player that lost her life following a brain tumor (Ashley Anderson of Desert Mountain HS and AZ Desert Sky VBC).

"I didn't know her, but it kind of hit home that it could just as easily happen to me." she said. "You start reading about it and I found out that every year more than 200,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor and it's the second leading cancer killer of teenagers other than leukemia."

Prior to her efforts last week, Robinson, as a member of the student council at Ironwood was one of 4000 students that participated in the 4th annual S.S.B.T.R. Walk-A-Thon. The event raised more than $171,000, which was distributed to the Barrow Neurological Center, Phoenix Children's Hospital, the Brain Tumor Society, and TGen (Translational Genomics Research Institute).

Having been a member of the sand volleyball league at Victory Lanes (AZ Region Jr Beach Program) each of the past three years, Robinson went to (Eric) Hodgson hoping there was a way the league could raise some funds for the cause. With the Krugers' support the event was a success in Robinson's opinion.

Along with registering players and taking donations last week, Robinson said she made it a point to wander around the facility and talk to whomever was willing to listen. "Beyond raising money, it's about raising awareness," she said. "Not a lot of people are comfortable when you start telling them the statistics, but if even one out of 10 are willing to listen to what kind of problem this is I feel like I've done something."

For information about S.S.B.T.R. go to


June 2006

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