June 2005


Arizona Fancz Pantz 65's

Front: Aileen Kucera, Diane Fordney, Ginger Rhodes
Back: Evelyn Montgomery, Rose Buentello, Christine Freeman, Joan Ashton

Arizona Region Well Represented at USA Open Nationals

The Arizona Region fared well in the Mile High City of Denver at the USA Volleyball Open Nationals May 28- June 4. 18 teams represented the Region at the tournament with many finishing in the Gold Division of their respective divisions. Congratulations to all who participated! Get ready for New Orleans in 2006.

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Arizona Region teams and their finish:

Men's Open 2 Ball Express 3rd Place - Bronze Medal
  All Tournament Members - Tyler Hildebrand, Robert Tarr
Women's Open   All tournament Team member - Mariko Crum playing for Exterminators
Women's AA Team Ra-w 4th Place - just out of the medals
Women's A Team Absolute Tied 5th Place
  Phoenix Phire Tied 13th
  Southwest Tied 32nd
Men's BB Molten Men 2nd Place - Silver Medal
    All Tournament Members - Kurstan Olaso, Brian Hiapo
  Clarks Pools Tied 21st
Women's BB Flagstaff Thin Air Tied 43rd
Men's B Flying Zucchini Tied 26th
Women's B TPVBC Fireplay Tied 5th
  Senoritas Tied 9th
Co-Ed Reverse B/BB Flying Zucchini Tied 5th
Women's 40's Mamasitas Tied 9th
Men's 45's Pro Sport 4th Place - just out of the medals
  Cactus Thorns 45's Tied 7th
Men's 50's Cactus Masters Tied 15th
Women's 60's AZ Fancz Pantz 4th Place - just out of the medals
Women's 65's AZ Fancz Pantz 1st Place - Gold Medal
    All tournament members: Ginger Rhodes, Diane Fordney, Rose Buentello

Juli Nuttall receives the Golden Pen Award from Debbie Reed

Juli Nuttall Awarded the Golden Pen Award

Juli Nuttall was so shocked, she started hyperventelating.

As she sat with 400 other USA Volleyball officials and scorekeepers from around the country, she gasped as she heard her name broadcast behing the phrase, "And the winner of the 2005 Golden Pen award is . . ."

Nuttall was named the USA Volleyball 2005 outstanding scorekeeper as chosen by a committee under the direction of USA Volleyball. The award is called the Golden Pen Award.

Nuttall chuckles as she recalls hearing her name. "I was sitting there thinking of the other officials in the room I might know and who's been around a while, and I hear my name. I blink a few times and (fellow official Feickert) Jim says, "Juli, get up!"

I stumble my way out to the aisle and get to the front of the room and there are 400 people there. They hand me this award and make me say something to everybody. I just kind of fumbled around. When I got back to the table, I asked Jim if I even spoke in complete sentences. I was so flustered."

She is the first official from Arizona to receive the illustrious award.

June 2005

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