Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Junior Beach Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we play with any partner?

Yes as long as they are of legal age for the division you are going to compete in. Players are registered as individuals in the beach program so that they can play with other partners if their regular partner is not available.

What if I don't have a regular partner?

The Arizona Region will list your name and contact info on the website for players to find partners. This can also be used as a sub list in the event a regular partner is not available. You can also show up for a tournament and see if someone there needs a partner. However there is no guarantee that you will be picked up to play.

What time do the Tues. and Thurs. tournaments at Victory Lanes start?

Registration for weeknight tournaments begins at 5:00 p.m. and the pools will be announced and started at 6:00 p.m. If you are going to be late, you can call the tournament director and have your name put in the draw.

Can a player play in more than just their own age division?

Yes. Players may play up a division (in a division older than they are) but they may not play down (in a division younger than their age requirement). For example, a 14’s team could play in the 14’s and 16’s.

If I am going to play in more than one age group do I have to sign up for the program in both age divisions?

No. You only need to sign up in one age division and pay one program fee to play. You may then enter as many tournaments as you would like and are eligible to play in. You should sign up for the program in the youngest age group that you are eligible to participate.

What about the special tournaments, like the Coed and the Mother’s Day Tournament?

Participants in the Mother's Day and Father Daughter tournaments do not have to be beach program members. For all other tournaments - Dusk to Dawn, Coed, Open and Age level tournaments the participants must be members of the beach program. Parents who are not AZ Region members will be required to sign a waiver to participate in the tournament special tournaments. If the parent was registered with the junior club as a chaperone that membership would cover their beach participation as well.

Can we register at the first tournament?

AZ Region memberships fees and forms should be sent to the AZ Region office prior to participation. Program fees and forms should also be sent to the AZ Region office. It is possible to register on site but registration may be delayed as a result.

If we didn’t play club ball this season, is there an extra charge?

There is an $15 additional charge for the Summer Membership with the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball. If you played or coached club, your Junior Olympic or Regular membership covers the outdoor as well.

Can we bring food into the sand facility?

No. At all of our sites, the only thing that can be brought into the parks or clubs is water. Each of the sites has food and drink for sale. At Victory Lanes there is a $2 per person entry fee.

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