Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Beach Program Registration and Basic Info

To register for the Arizona Region Beach program, players are required to pay an annual $20 per athlete beach program fee which includes; tournament insurance, court rentals, administration and site fees. You can register for the beach program and pay online through the Webpoint registration system. To register for the program online log into Webpoint, click onUSAV & Region Events to expand the menu - click on Other Region Events - click on Register next to the 2015 Junior Beach Program. You can pay the $20 online. To register by paper form print off the brochure here. Mail to the AZ Region office.

Tournament fees are $10 per player. You only pay for the tournaments in which you play. Payment is onsite for each tournament.

All participants must also be an AZ Region member. If you are currently playing with a club you are registered for 2015. If you are not registered with a club for 2015 you will need to have a 2015 Summer Membership - the Summer membership is $15 and is good from May 1 to Aug 31. Click the appropriate link to register with AZ Region in the Webpoint registration system - I have never been a USAV/AZ Region member before OR I have been a USAV/AZ Region member before but need to renew

You can see the entire summer's schedule here and you can download the program brochure here as well.

Specialty tournaments include the Mother's Day and Father's Day tournaments. Just click on them and see their separate dates and instructions.

Coed tournaments will also continue this season which must be one male and one female with the team being placed in the age division of the oldest team member. The Junior Beach program for 2015 is under the direction of Jr. Beach Director Micah Briscoe.

Tournament Info

  • Check in for tournaments begins at 5:30 pm, tournaments START at 6:00 pm - unless otherwise posted. Special Tournament check will be 1 hour prior to the posted start time.
  • If you are unable to play on the date your age group plays or if you want to play more than your age group is scheduled, you may "play up" in an older age group on another date but you may not "play down" in a younger age group.
  • Points are awarded using the AVP point system which is dictated by the number of teams in a division at each tournament and their respective finish in each
  • Medals will be awarded to the top two finishers in each age division at each tournament
  • The player with the highest point total at the end of the season will pick their partner and  will have their entry fees into the USAV Junior Beach Nationals reimbursed by the Arizona Region upon request
  • If an age division is represented by three or fewer teams, those teams may be asked to play up an age division to ensure more matches. The teams moving up will still be awarded medals for their appropriate age group.
  • Players will officiate their own matches. Officiating clinics will be conducted at the beginning of each tournament. If there is a dispute, it will be settled by the tournament director.
  • For  the complete schedule and additional information, check out the Beach link on the Arizona Region website at:


  • Registration will be 1-hour before the scheduled start time for each tournament. If you are late, you will put yourself at risk of not being able to participate. If teams are needed to fill pools, you will be taken. If pools are filled, the late teams will not be allowed to play.
  • Parent’s and Coaches are NOT permitted on the playing surface at any time. One warning will be given and if not heeded, the players of said parent or coaches will be forfeited from the tournament and could face expulsion from the program.
  • All players, coaches and parents will be held to the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct rules and ethics. Violations of those rules will result in the appropriate sanctions.

Match Format

The scoring format will depend upon the number of participants at a given tournament age bracket and site and will be determined by the tournament director.

Options include one game rally score to 30, one rally game to 21, one rally game to 15 or two out of three games to 15 or 21, with the third game always  to 15. All games must be won by two points.Rules Differences and officiating

The rules for playing will be the 2013-2015 Official United States Beach Volleyball Rules Book. These are the same rules used by the AVP. You can download the official beach rules at

There will be officiating clinics before the start of each tournament. Parents and Coaches are welcome to attend these clinics. The athletes will be officiating each other. There will be no Region officials used in this program. Please take time to understand the rules differences. Players are asked to be diligent in both officiating and scorekeeping duties. Rules differences will also be posted on the Beach page.Partners

Players sign up for the program as individuals - NOT teams. They will sign up with their chosen partner at each tournament, and only the individual's tournament points will be kept. If your regular partner is out of town, you can play with another and still have a chance to earn points. When the season ends, the top player in each age division will pick their partner for a chance to compete in USAV Junior Beach Nationals.Costs

To register for the Arizona Region Beach program, players are required to pay an annual $20 per athlete Beach Program fee which includes; tournament insurance, court rentals, administration and site fees. Tournament fees are $10 per player. You only pay for the tournaments in which you play. Costs for the special tournaments will be found on the Beach Home Page on the flyer for each special tournament.Special Tournaments

The Region has expanded their specialty tournament schedule this summer. The USAV Junior Beach Tour is making a stop in Phoenix April 26. Coed tournaments, Mother's Day and the Father/Daughter tournaments are back by popular demand. Check out the Beach Home Page for costs, dates, rules and more information on these special events.Beach High Performance

USA Volleyball Beach HP tryouts will be held at Victory Lanes on March 21st from 9 am - 1 pm. Register for the tryouts here. AZ Region HP Beach tryouts will be held in early June after the USAV team participants have been announced. Watch the High Performance page for more information about the Arizona Region Beach HP teams, tryouts and their participation.