Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Arizona Region Adult Player Pool

The Arizona Region has established a Player Pool for adults who are looking to play on a team but are not yet associated with a team or they can't commit to the full season but would like to play on a team as a sub. This Player Pool will allow teams to pick up a player so the team can play in a given tournament.

There are restrictions to the players in the Player Pool

  1. They must be registered members of the Arizona Region for the current season - in time to be placed on the roster of the team for the tournament.
  2. They may be picked up by one team a max of two times or they must be permanently placed on the roster and removed from the Player Pool.
  3. They must play in their level of play or above. They can't play on a team which is below their level of play.
  4. As a member of the Player Pool please contact the Arizona Region if you are permanently picked up on a team so that we can remove you from consideration by other teams. Send an email to

The following have put their name in the Player Pool:



Women - Name/Player Info
Level of Play
Melinda Escarcega
Level B/BB

I am a setter, I can play right side, back row, I can be a passer, I have played formats 6-2 and 5-1.  I am a little older but still can play the game.

Cell: 727-0302

Email: /
Daneeque Chamberlain Women's A/AA

My name is Daneeque Chamberlain, I am 22, and I am 5'4". I work part-time for the Phoenix Convention Center, am getting my masters at GCU, and coach girls at East Valley Juniors. This is my 5th season coaching. I played setter throughout high school, play at open gyms when available, and with my travel team when I can. I would love to get back to playing consistently either with a permanent team or as a sub. Level of play "A/AA"

Cell: 480-612-2568 


Kimmi Dotseth

Women's BB/A

I am about 5’8 and have played every position except MH.  In high school and at my community college I played right side in all 6 rotations. The past couple years I have mostly played outside for women’s, as a setter for coed, or wherever I am needed. I am a scrappy and competitive player and would really love to join a team with a positive atmosphere.
847-915-0566 (text please)

Amber Kerkman Women's A

My name is Amber Kerkman and I am very interested in joining an adult volleyball team. I am new to the Phoenix area so I dont know alot of people in the volleyball world yet. I played volleyball in college for 4 years at the University Minnesota Crookston (Division II). I was a right side but I played outside and middle in high school. I'm 25 years old and 6'1 so hopefully someone will want me on their team. :) (but fyi... i haven't touched a volleyball in awhile) thank you much! I look forward to hearing from you. 

Email Amber Kerkman


Holly Farrar

Women's B/ BB

I am Holly Farrar, 24, 5'10".  I played volleyball for 4 years throughout high school on the HS team, one year for AZ Thunder, and one year for AZ Fire.  I was mainly a libero, but have a year of experience playing OH, and can set if someone it desperate.  I played co-ed club in college, and considered playing with athletes in action.  I coached with some of the women from the 2012 USA Olympic team for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I love the sport, but don't have a team to play for.  I would probably be a good fit for a BB team. 

Cell: 602-717-6185

Jenny Scott Women's B/BB

I hope to join a team full time and for multiple seasons. Competitive and plays well with others J

Height: 6’0’’
Age: 29
Experience: HS varsity (Desert Mountain 1998-2002), club indoor (AZ Peak Performance) and club sand (AZ Peak) 2000-2002, co-ed and recreational in college (2002-2006), USA Denver 2006, rec leagues off and on indoor and sand since 2009
Positions Played: OH, MB
Level: B/BB
Cell: 480 209 6205

Priscilla Baxter
My level of play is “A”

My name is Priscilla Baxter and I am interested in subbing or a permanent position on a women’s or co-ed team.

I have been playing in leagues (mostly co-ed) for about 20 years and I have also played grass and sand doubles and sand fours.  Most of my playing experience has been through participation in organized tournaments and city leagues.  At 5 foot 4 ½ inches I play DS/Libero. .  I am currently playing in 6-person co-ed league in Gilbert and I live in Chandler.  My family moved to Chandler about 3 years ago and I’m still getting my feet wet in the Phoenix-area volleyball scene.

Contact info: 480.286.3442 (Cell)  or 480.663.3933 (Home) or email:

Rhyanna Carpenter  

I am a junior at ASU studying Kinesiology.  I played varsity level volleyball all four years of high school, and have played club for six years.  I am 5'8" and throughout my career I have played various positions but have mostly been used as a setter and an outside.  Please contact me with any information that comes up.  I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you for your time.

Contact info: Cell: (928) 322-4092 or E-mail:

Kela Powers  

I am interested in playing on a team, however, I just moved to Phoenix and do not really know anyone to make up a team. I played volleyball in college at Chapman university. I played outside hitter and defensive specialist. Please let me know if there is an opportunity to join a team or even merely be in the player pool.

Contact info: Email:

Sami Wade Women's B/BB

I have played volleyball since I was 10 years old. I played a little JV and mostly Varsity all through high school. As JV I played middle hitter even though I am only 5'7", on Varsity I played all around but eventually played mostly as defensive specialist. In college I played intermurals in a womens competitive league. I just moved to Arizona and am looking for a opportunity to play with people around my age which is 24.

My phone number is 406-249-5620 and I live in Avondale

Brendie Johnson

I haven't played in about 7 years but I played high school volleyball in Albuquerque NM. I am 5'7'' and used to play middle hitter.


Jessica Montoya B/BB level

Hi, my name is Jessica Montoya 23 years old. I just recently moved to the Phoenix AZ (Laveen) area and am interested in becoming part of a team. I played Volleyball in middle school and some highschool on JV at West Las Vegas High School in Las Vegas New Mexico. I am 5'5'' and played outside hitter, middle blocker/libero and one of the top servers of the team. I am looking to be part of the team and am willing to fully commit once selected. I am motivated and excited to be apart of a team playing the sport I love. I would love to try out for a team that is willing to take me in since I am starting at an intermediate level.
Contact me at or 505/718-5250

Jade Porter Level B/BB

I am a 29 year old female. I was scouted for my High School volleyball team when I was in 5th grade. I played club and school ball until my sophomore year of high school. I should have continued to play but was dealing with family issues, etc. and stopped. I'm pretty good, and I love the sport. I have not played much over the past couple years but I mess around with friends once in a while.

Contact Jade Porter at 480-526-1540 or

Samantha Piazza Level A/AA
Height: 6’0’’
Age: 24
Experience: St. Joseph’s College (DII), Arizona Western College (JUCO DI), Club Arrowhead, Centennial High School Varsity
Positions Played: OH, MB, OPP
Level: A/AA
Contact: Sammy Piazza
Cell: 623-521-8612
I am looking of a great competitive team to be a part of fulltime. Thanks!!

Men - Name/Player Info
Level of Play

Greg Benson

Level A

Main position of MB, 6'4, 180 lbs, age 21. 
Experience: Perry High School and AZP volleyball club 2009-13, ASU club 2013-15, and pick up games.  Played on the AZ HP international team in Florida and CUSD player of the year.  Preferably team near or in East Valley., 480-559-5185.  

Sam Ojeda Level BB/A

Height: 6'3", Weight: 210 lbs
Position: I played all around but I focused more on setting and MB

Experience: I played volleyball since 6th grade. I played in a league in Mexico all through middle school and high school. When I got to college I played D1 indoor volleyball and beach volleyball all four years and set for all those years. I am looking for a team I can play and have fun with but at the same time be competitive.

Feel free to contact me to or 520-223-5726

TR Bradley

I am moving to AZ (south Scottsdale) full time in mid October - I am masters player who plays indoors and outdoors sand. I will be 60 this November and would like to find a masters team or players...with the intent of playing in MN come spring or just to play tournaments in the Phx area this year..

Tanner Geddes Level: A/AA

Height: 5'10"
Age: 18
Position Back row, setting, DS/Libero
Playing Experience: high school, coaching, club, open play
I live in the Phoenix area
Contact: or call 602-625-3452

Eric Viney Level: BB/A/AA

age 34, height 6'2"

all positions played - prefer to play as a pin hitter or setter

I just moved to Phoenix a few months ago.  I have been playing competitively since i was in high school.  I have been a college coach in all 3 divisions of NCAA and the NAIA for the past 12 years and have played with A/AA teams in Minnesota that have continually competed at A level a some Adult Nationals tournaments the past 10 years as well.  I still play in competitive leagues to this day. 

Contact info is 605-460-1622 and
Tom Healy Level: A/AA

Age:  29, Height:  6’ 1”, Weight:  175 lbs

I played four years of varsity in high school, Junior Olympics throughout high school and club in college at Ohio University.  I’m a setter but would also feel comfortable filling in as a libero or hitting outside/opposite. I’ve lived in the valley for 8 years and am looking for the opportunity to join a team.  I’ve stayed in great playing shape and would be happy to step in and help out a team!

Tom Healy ->

Josh Swider  

I'd like to submit my name to the players pool for the current/next season of indoor adult 6's.  It's been about 10 years since I've been on the court and it's time for me to get back into it. I'm 6"4", played opposite in high school and college. Won an AAU national championship on the beach...a long time ago. Honestly not looking to bang with the best at the moment, like I said, it's been 10 years, I'm 33yo now, but I'm a very experienced player and I really want to get back in shape. I'm comfortable playing any position other than MB. I'd prefer a team running a 5-1 but it's obviously not a deal breaker.  
Please contact me through email, at your convenience.

Michael Sobrado  

I am a 44 year old male, 5’11” interested in returning to competitive play. I played Division III College Volleyball and USA volleyball up to B/BB and two years of A level in NY until around 1998 when I moved to AZ. I have not played much since. I used to be the starting setter and coach for several Central NY region teams.

I live in Mesa and am hoping there is a fairly local team that could use a seasoned but creaky veteran. I am still in decent shape but need to improve my strength and flexibility. I have recently been playing competitive pickup at Kiwanis in Tempe on Sunday Afternoons and my game is not as pathetic as I had originally feared.

Contact info: or 480-529-0206

Joe Jakubicek Men's BB or A

I recently moved to Phoenix from Chicago.  I have played USAV in the Great Lakes Region for 20 years (I am 41yrs old).  I’ve played at several National tournaments at the BB and A level.   I’m 5’10”, and a lefty setter.  I can also play libero, outside or opposite but setting is my strength.  Would like to find a competitive and fun team to play with.  I’m more than open to going to Nationals in Salt Lake.  I’ve found a couple open gyms since I have been here, but the level has been very inconsistent.  I’d be happy to sub in indoor leagues (male or co-ed) or come to an open gym as a tryout before stepping in for a tournament. 

Contact info: or 847-830-6420

Rafael (Raff) Macias B/BB to start

I am an experienced player, with over 10 years experience. I am 42 years old, and my height is 5'10". I have played all positions. My last game was about 2 years ago when I played with the RLJones Ins in San Luis, AZ Park and Rec with the Adult Co-Ed Division. By the way we have won all 3 seasons in a row - 1st place! Level of play, well I rather start on the intermediate level to get back on track.

I am not new in town however it has been difficult to find a team to play here locally.

Any information or contact with any team captions would be greatly appreciated.

Cell: 480.251.9445

Steve Setka Level: BB or A

6' 2" can play any position and scheme.

Been playing pick-up ball for 10 years every Monday & Friday for 10 years.

Contact: Steve Setka at

Jeff Bennett Level A or BB

- Positions played are middle or outside hitter, setter, and libero
- 6' tall

Contact: Jeff Bennett at 623-707-6023 or