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July 7, 2016- Maricopa Elementary School Clinic

May 21, 2016- Phoenix Elementary School District Clinic- Herrera

May 19, 2016- Mexicali (Mexico) Sand Clinic

May 14, 2016- Phoenix Elementary School District Clinic- Capitol

May 10, 2016- NAJ Players/Coaches Seminars

May 9, 2016- Hopi Jr/Sr High School Clinic

May 5, 2016- Castle Dome Middle School Team Clinic

May 4, 2016- WAVA Beach Clinic

April 27, 2016- Sequoia Pathways Aceademy, City of Maricopa, Maricopa Pumas Clinics

Thank you for providing such a great opportunity for my Maricopa kids.
When I get back I hope we can schedule one in Fall too. (Hope they didn't scare you off)
Thank you again,

April 24, 2016- USA Jr. Beach Desert Open

April 20, 2016- Starlings Tuba City PGS

April 18-19, 2016- Hopi Mission School P.E. Classes, Jr's and Adult Clinics

"The clinic was very fun and a whole new way to teach different techniques. I just wish all of them could make it but a lot of the girls are still in their softball season so they weren't able to make it on time. Thanks for all the help and I will definitely be contacting you on what could be different ways of teaching certain things. 'Little hands' said she really had fun so thank you for that." 
Coach Eva B.

March 20, 2016- YMCA Scottsdale VOS PGS

March 11, 2016- PUSD PE Teacher In Service

March 6, 2016- Glendale VOS PGS Clinic

"Oh my gosh, I loved it and the parents are raving how awesome it was. I thought it was a perfect time in the season and I really believed that the parents are going to take what they learned into affect.  They do love watching their girls play and loved engaging with the them (the smiles said it all).  Love the pictures."


February 27, 2016- Phoenix Children's Hospital/ Kohl's Get Fit

February 23, 2016- Mesa Parks and Recreation League Clinic

"Thank you for the great pictures! I cannot thank you enough for coming out again. I know it is a long haul here so THANK YOU THANK YOU! You do such a great job with the kids and staff. I have only heard good feedback. Biggest thing staff mentioned is the humor and fun that you incorporate into the activities. It makes the kids enjoy things much more."


February 17, 2016- Play Right Coaches Clinic

February 11, 2016- Adapted Physical Education Conference

February 9, 2016- Desert Stars Kingman PGS Clinic

January 26, 2016- Yuma O.C. Johnson Elementary PE Classes

January 25, 2016- Yuma Boys and Girls Club Clinic

January 25, 2016- Yuma U.S.D. PE Teacher In- Service

January 15, 2016- Play Right PGS Clinic

"My parents have all been giving me great feed back and how much fun they had. They are all excited for this season even more now. Lots of them are also speaking new perspective on their daughter and the game.  So thank you as well for helping my organization grow and thank you for  your guidance and knowledge to reach out to parents.  It was fun."


December 21, 2015- Garfield Elementary School Holiday Clinic

"Thank you so much for these pictures. Too funny, I can actually hear you and the kids playing and talking. That game you had them do before we actually started the volleyball was great. Thank  you so much for the great memories."

Mandeigh Donges

6th Grade Teacher

Garfield Elementary

December 19, 2015- Desert Freeze USA Jr Beach Tour Stop

December 19, 2015- Phoenix Elementary School District Holiday Clinic

December 13- AZR Education Weekend- IMPACT w/ John Kessel

December 12-13, 2015 - AZR Education Weekend- BCAP I

Dec 12-13, 2015- AZR Education Weekend- CAP I, II

December 11, 2015- Magnet Traditional Elementary Team, Club Clinic w/ John Kessel

December 8, 2015- Garfield Elementary Team, Club Clinic

December 2, 2015- Kyrene School District PE In-service Training

November 24, 2015- Dunbar Elementary Team Clinic

November 16. 2015- Agusta Ranch PE Classes

November 13-14, 2015- Phoenix Elementary School District Coaches Clinic

November 10, 2015- Capitol Elementary School Volleyball Team Clinic

October 14, 2015- Az. Fear Smashball Clinic

May 30, 2015- Nexus Setting Clinic

May 15, 2015- Lindesberg, Sweden Club Clinic

April 26, 2015- 2015 USA Jr. Beach Desert Open

April 18, 2015- Arizona Women's Collegiate Beach Chapmpionships

April 16, 2015- Rattlesnake Ridge Family Fitness Night

"Thank you for the pictures.  They are great! Thank you again for coming and the gift bag.  I will definitely use it.  The kids are so excited about volleyball that one of the other teachers and I are going to put together a volleyball group for a couple of weeks.  I will let you know when our next Fitness Night is as soon as I have a date!"

Carol Wolbert

National Board Certified

Physical Education Specialist

March 28-29, 2015- Vulture Peak Challenge Champions and Finalists

"Congrats on another vulture peak challenge success! Loved the shirts this year! all the kids at school are wearing them today!"

Tonya Lee


March 12, 2015- Gallegos Family Fitness Night

March 1, 2015- Megan Lange Friendship Tournament

February 20, 2015- Degrazia Family FItness Night

January 5, 2015- Lady Crusaders Volleyball PGS Clinic

January 3, 2015- Ignite VBC PGS Clinic Round 1

December 10, 2014- Matrix PGS Round 1Round 2

December 2, 2014- Faith North Elementary School Clinic

December 2, 2014- Cactus Wren Elementary School P.E.

November 25, 2014- Capitol Elementary School Clinic

November 24, 2014- Dunbar Elementary School Clinic

November 24, 2014- Emerson Elementary School Clinic

November 8, 2014- Phoenix Elementary School District #1 Coaches Clinic

"I wanted to thank you for coming out to our district today and working with my coaches.  It was very informative.  I had several coaches approach me after the clinic expressing their thoughts and how wonderful the camp turned out.  One first time coach said she felt a lot more comfortable about how to conduct a practice and teach the fundamentals of the sport.  I look forward to having you back in the future."

Curtis Johnson

Athletic Director

Phoenix Elementary School District #1

November 4, 2014- Magnet Traditional School Clinic

November 2, 2014- 2014 Men's Collegiate Sand Championships

November 1, 2014- Capitol Elementary School Clinic

October 25- Boy's H.S. Sand Championships

October 21- Rosa Linda Elementary School Clinic

October 18- D.E.C. Sitting Clinic

October 15-16- AzAHPERD Convention

October 11- Hopi Mission School

October 9-10- Hopi Mission School

October 7- YMCA Clinic

September 16-17- Kingman Middle School Clinic

"Thanks so much for coming out to Kingman again. Tyler said the girls learned a lot and look forward to using the skills that were taught them in practice for their future Volleyball careers. I'll shoot you an email next year in early August to schedule another visit. Thanks again."
Todd WinebargerKingman Middle SchoolAthletic Director

May 23-24, 2014- Hopi Mission School Clinic

May 17, 2014- Camelback High School and Middle School Clinic

May 12-15, 2014- P.D.S.D. Summer Clinic

May 5, 2014- Osborn Middle School Clinic

April 27, 2014- USA Jr. Beach Desert Open Tour

April 19, 2014- Women's Collegiate Sand Championships

April 10, 2014- Alexandria YMCA Clinic

April 5-6, 2014- 4th Annual Vulture Peak Challenge

March 30, 2014- Az. Region Adult Women's Sitting Clnic

March 29, 2014- SpoFit Sitting Clinic

March 13, 2014- Gallegos Family Fitness Night

February 21, 2014- South Pointe Elementary Spring Clinic

February 6, 2014- Mesa City Volleyball Program

January 12, 2014- Austin Town Lake YMCA Clinic

"Thank you so so much. I really appreciated your time in teaching our community more about volleyball. We are very excited to get pickup volleyball for adults running and getting more participants and coaches for our youth volleyball."


December 14, 2013- Mesa Parks and Rec. Clinic

" Thank you for coming out Saturday. Tons of wonderful comments and feedback." 

December 13, 2013- South Pointe Elementary Clinic

December 7-8, 2013- Az. Region Education Weekend

November 26, 2013- Club Fortitude PGS Clinic

"We want to thank you again for taking time to come and do this. It was such a great experience and positive way to start off the season.After you left, we had a little chat about referees and our expectations regrading parents, players and coaches as we heard some things we weren't particularly proud of so hopefully we helped with that issue (although I may have to silently agree with the ref shoes comment :-) Haha.We are looking forward to a great season and truly believe you helped us off to an awesome start. Thank you very much!"


November 25, 2013- Dunbar Elementary School Clinic

November 24, 2013- Az. Boy's High School Sand Volleyball Championships

"Great Tourney THANK YOU!!"


"Thank you so much for the photos. My son had a great time."

November 24, 2013- 2nd Annual Az. Men's Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championships

November 19, 2013- Faith North School Clinic

" Your help is always appreciated, the girls and I both learned a lot!"

Coach Larson

November 14, 2013- Magnet Charter School Clinic

"Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for all of your help! I know the girls as well as myself always learn a lot when you come and I truly appreciate you taking the time out to do this! Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!"

Deanna Gauer

2nd Grade Teacher, Magnet Traditional School

November 4, 2013- GCU Az. Region Club Night

October 26, 2013- City of Mesa Rec. Clinic

October 18, 2013- ASU Az. Region Club Night

October 12, 2013- Hopi Mission School Clinics

September 21, 2013- City of Goodyear Youth Clinic

September 17-18, 2013- Kingman Middle School Clinic

" The pictures look good. Does your outreach program allow you to come to a town more than one time? Could you come next volleyball season too?"

-Todd Winebarger, Kingman M.S. Athletic Director

September 10-12, 2013- City of Goodyear Coach/Player Clinics

September 5, 2013- Osborne MIddle School Clinic

June 4, 2013- YMCA Coaching Clinic

"Enjoyed it. 3 hours went by fast...energizing."

"Some great tips for drills and teaching. And hearing that he and other coaches attending are equally challenged by some of the same... "age group" focus/motivational distractions, was also enlightening."

May 13-16, 2013 Phoenix Day School for the Deaf Clinic

April 23, 2013 - DVUSD Terramar After School Program Clinic

April 13, 2013- 2013 Arizona Women's Collegiate Sand Championships

April 6-7, 2013- Vulture Peak Challenge Week II

March 24, 2013- Women's Collegiate Sand Volleyball

March 23, 2013- USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Tryouts

March 14, 2013- Gallegos Basic Elementary School Family Fitness Night

"I am so happy you were able to attend our special night. Volleyball was a great hit!  I need to introduce volleyball with the fourth graders. The night was very successful, total attendance was 866. That is our second largest turnout. I think adding volleyball to the flyer really brought in more attendees. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Take care."
Teresa Mortara

March 9-10, 2013- Vulture Peak Challenge Week I

March 7, 2013- City of Goodyear Coaches/Players Clinic II

March 5, 2013- City of Goodyear Coaches/Players Clinic I

December 13, 2012- Verrado PGS

December 9, 2012- Northern Arizona Juniors PGS

"The presentation keeps people engaged, and wanting to learn more about what you're talking about. Thank you again for taking the time to come up."
Angela Davis
Northern AZ Juniors Volleyball Club

December 8, 2012- CIty of Maricopa Youth and Coaches Clinic

November 29, 2012- Club Fortitude PGS/PAPI Presentation

" Thank you once again for your fabulous slide presentation at the Fortitude Volleyball Club meeting last night. I was impressed and inspired, and grateful for my daughter's opportunity to participate in her club program. 
I also want to thank you for enlightening me as a parent and helping me to participate in my daughter's experience more positvely. 
Thank you once again for your participation in USA Volleyball and in our daughter's Club meeting. The information you offered us last night was so important and appreciated!"
Very Best Regards,
James Milacek

November 19, 2012- Garfield Elementary School Clinic

November 19, 2012- Dunbar Elementary School Clinic

November 16, 2012- Herrera Elementary School Clinic

"Thank you so much.  What a clinic.  We greatly appreciate all you did today for our team.  My girls really enjoyed it!  Thanks for sending the pictures!"  :)

November 15, 2012- M. Bartlett Heard Elementary School Clinic

"Thank you so much for coming to our school and helping the girls out. I saw so much improvement with their serves and passing the ball, I couldn't believe it. I can't wait for our next practice to use those drills that you showed me today.  I really like how those drills are ran by the girls so it gives me the chance to coach and walk around to help everyone out. Thanks for the pictures, they are great!"


November 14, 2012- Faith North Elementary School Clinic

"Thank so much again! The girls had a blast and I could tell they learned a lot as did I. We greatly appreciate your support and I’ll definitely be in touch if I have any questions!"


November 13, 2012- R.W. Emerson Elementary School Clinic

"The girls all had a wonderful time and so did I.  Some of them met me at my door and asked when you would be coming back.  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to work with us.  It was a memorable experience for all of us."  


November 10, 2012- Inaugural Men's Arizona Collegiate Beach Championships

November 8, 2012- Magnet Charter School Clinic

October 25-26, 2012- AzAPHERD Convention

October 25, 2012- City of Goodyear Youth Clinic

October 19, 2012- Club Night at ASU

October 14-20 ICECP

2012 Fall League

September 29, 2012- John Kessel/Nicole Davis Clinic

Australian Coaches Tour Blog

"I enjoyed the clinic.  I thought all three presenters were very good.  It was the first time I heard Kessel.  He got me thinking about approaching practice time from a different perspective.  I like listening to Jason and his thoughts on coaching.  It was neat to hear from an Olympian.  Thanks for the pictures.  I always take something away from the clinics to add to my coaching tool box."

Doug Rhoades


September 12, 2012- City of Goodyear Clinic

It was nice to meet you this evening at the clinic. I learned a lot as an assistant coach and adult league player and my daughter Raquel was happy to learn the jump serve. Thank you for your time and positive attitude.

Thank You again.


September 6-8, 2012- Clinic at PDSD

June 23-24, 2012- Sol Survivor Challenge

June 22, 2012- YMCA Glendale Clinic

June 20, 2012- YMCA Southeast Clinic

June 18, 2012- Wickenburg Summer Clinic

June 6, 2012- YMCA Player/Coach Clinic

I attended your 2 coach’s clinics for the Y the last 2 Wednesdays.  As a first time coach, they were really a huge help.  I just completed my 3rd practice last night and am starting to get more comfortable.  I was nervous the first practice which is not good, kids are like dogs and can smell fear…..  7-9 grade girls….

 I use many portions of your drills and hear your thoughts while working through the practices and all your observations were pretty dead on.  Especially speaking in txt…  OMG                

 Anyway, we started off 2-0 after our first week…  Hopefully they will learn something and be better players from it.


 Kevin Parmenter

Thanks again for facilitating a clinic yesterday. My daughter and I were impressed with the different types of drills and both of us gained a lot from the experience.
Mark Panlener

June 3- 2012 Az. Region Coaching Academy

I enjoyed your Arizona Region Volleyball Coaching Academy in June!  I was able to learn something from each presenter.  The classroom presentations and the on-court demonstrations of various drills were excellent!  Last week, I served as a coach at Destinee Hooker's Volleyball Camp in Southern California and I was able to use a few of the new techniques I learned at your Coaching Academy.  Thank you and have a great week!  



The one day coaching academy was the perfect fit as a continuing coach.  The one hour presentations from each of the coaches was informative and provided just the right amount of information to promote reflection and implementation within my own coaching without becoming overwhelming.  Thanks for putting together this great opportunity!

Sarah Widhalm
Boulder Creek High School

Thanks for letting me be a part of the coaching clinic. 

Jason Watson 

Sun Devil Volleyball 

Arizona State University

I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for putting the Coaching Academy together. I really enjoyed listening to all the coaches. I learned some great techniques that I will use immediately.  I really enjoyed Coach Lisa getting us on the floor and demonstrating new drills. Seeing and doing goes a long way in my memory bank. We use the warm up drills you taught me in the Impact training (pass-set-set etc.) in all of our practices. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn so I can be the best I can for my Athletes. 

Thanks again, 

Travis McKinneyClub VOS-Ahwatukee


Hearing the philosophies and opinions of veteran coaches was so helpful. It's refreshing to know they go through peakds and valleys even at the highest levels. It was also great to see drills in action and ask questions.

Thank You.

Lindsay Walls

Cactus High School


May 31- YMCA Coaches Clinic

May 19- City of Peoria Coaches Clinic

"The people who were there said it was excellent! I am sad more coaches did not take advantage of the time with you. You are so generous to us and we cannot simply thank you enough."

Matt Kalcevich
Recreation Coordinator - Youth & Adult Sports
City of Peoria Community Services Department  

April 29- 2012 Desert Open

April 20- Arizona Collegiate Sand Championships

"Thanks for the pictures. It was a great event." 
Jason Watson 

Sun Devil Volleyball 

Arizona State University

April 13-17- High School Sand Volleyball Championships

March 31-April 1- Vulture Peak Challenge

March 25- Beach H.P. Tryouts

February 28- Inagural High School Sand Matches

February 24- Grand Openging of the Disability Empowerment Center

Thank you for making our Grand Opening event a success! We have heard nothing but positive feedback about your demonstration and information provided to our guests. We cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and support us in increasing the awareness and knowledge of adapted recreation activities. You did awesome, thank you!

 Please pass this on to Quintin.

Thanks again!

Jessica Amato, CTRS

Recreational Therapist

Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center

February 22- City of Goodyear Player/Coach Clinic

February 18- Shape Up U.S.- Fit City Scottsdale

February 12- Championship VB Todd Rogers Clinic

"I am writing to Thank You for inviting Starlings-Tuba City to the Todd Rogers Vb skills clinic on February 12Th.

20 players attending the clinic. They truly enjoyed the day, learning about beach volleyball and new defensive drills and serves. The girls are practicing to be the best float server on the team. Todd was great. It was exciting to meet an Olympian. 

Again, Thank you. We'll be watching out for Todd in the Olympics. 

Carol TalkerStarlings-Tuba City

January 29- Jenn Snyder H.S. Sand Clinic

December 28- PGS/PAPI with Verrado VBC

December 17- PGS/PAPI with Northern Arizona Juniors

December 16- Luke AFB Christmas Clinic

December 3-4- Education Weekend

December 2- Sitting Clinic with the DEC

November 28- PGS/PAPI with Ultimate VBC

"My name is RaLene and both of my daughters have played club volleyball for several years. I am writing to tell you about an amazing program I attended that was sponsored by AZ Region Volleyball! It was held at the Ultimate Volleyball Club on Monday, November 28, 2011.
In all of our years in club volleyball, this is the first time this program has been offered by a club. It was a GREAT program and the host was spectacular! The program was so insightful and really made me think about how I can work to make the volleyball experience better for me and for my daughter. I also think it made the girls think about what they can do to make it better. And the host was perfect for that role! He was funny and made it really enjoyable to attend. I initially thought it was the annual reffing clinic. I was pleasantly surprised and loved the event!
I just thought you should know that my daughter and I thought it was time very well spent! I hope more clubs realize the value and offer it to their players and parents!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!"

November 4- Roosevelt School District PE Teacher In-Service

" Following up with you after the AWESOME session you gave our PE Teachers. I thank you very much because it gave more ideas and was a lot of fun. Thanks again." 
Jeremy M. Roberts
RSD P.E. Lead & RSD Athletic Coordinator

November 2- Cub Scout Beach Volleyball Badge


October 26-28- Az. APHERD Convention

Region YouTubePresentation


October 15 & 22- NAU and ASU Club Nights


October 8- Tuscon Boy's Middle School Clinic

"Thanks for coming down that day for the clinic.  I really appreciate it and I know the kids had a great time.  I've already seen a few of them at the Rincon girls volleyball games since then so that's a great sign.". - Jeff Beran


October 7- Mini Volleyball Clinic w/ Zia


June 11-12- Sol Survivor Challenge


June 3+10+17- Az. Region Coaching Academy


May 28- Desert Open/USA Jr. Beach Tour


May 5- Higley USD Clinic


April 29-30 - Arizona Special Olympics

A special thanks to Teresa Scobee, the Region's liason for the Arizona Special Olympics.

April 23- Arizona Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championships Photos


April 17- Az. Region Beach Club Cup Series #3 Photos


April 2-3- Vulture Peak Challenge Photos

We had a very good time and it was fun to get out of town for a night.  The kids loved it.  They don't care if they're 2 or 200 miles away from home. They just love feeling like they're away and in a hotel.

Just wanted to say thanks to the region for setting up the Vulture Peak tournament.  It was very well run and organized and we enjoyed the opportunity to visit Wickenburg.  Our girls (AZ Sky 12N1) had a blast playing against the older girls in a challenging and fun environment.    We will definitely look forward to it again in 2012 along with any other cities added to the tour.  Just a would be nice to have another one sometime after the regular season ends, but before nationals/festival, so our girls can stay sharp.  

Thanks, Anita

February 27- Championship Volleyball Indoor Volleyball Clinic Photos


February 26- Championship Volleyball Sand Volleyball Clinic Photos


February 13-Coed Valentine's Day Beach Doubles Tournament Photos


February 5/12-Arizona Region Dig Pink Weekends Photos


January 29- Higley Unified School District Coaches/Players Clinic Photos


January 27- Paseo Verde Career Fair Photos


January 10- East Valley Jrs. PGS-PAPI Presentation


I second all of Patti's thoughts!  Thank you both for your presentation and facilitation--it brought so many teams and families together and gave them a purpose which was really nice! Let's hope the sportsmanship part rubs off this weekend as 13 of the 19 teams will be competing around the valley!

Sincerely, Jen Leo


Thanks again for your time and energy in presenting the PGS program for our AZ East Valley Club.

As we discussed, the size of the two groups and the quality of the audio could have been improved. Recommendations for future clubs will be to keep to a maximum of 6 teams per session. 9 teams were challenging; to get from power point slides, to on court and back (with all the talking and noise!). You pulled it off pretty well though!


With that, the program was received with great success, as proven by the numerous positive responses on the exit surveys. You did great job and I really loved how you had the girls and parents come up in session 2 and share with ALL teams. Certainly a common thread on what kids need J All seemed to really enjoy the parents vs parents role reversal game – that may be the best exercise for illustrating the point of “it’s not as easy as it looks”.


I look forward to staying in contact and hopefully getting the “Monthly PGS Tip” from Dave and the gang. I will follow up with Jen Leo, as to how we continue to promote the good dialogue and activities with our EVJO Community!


Patti Snyder-Park


January 9- West Valley Jrs. PGS-PAPI Presentation

"Lots of fun. The interactive breaks up the presentation and makes it fun."

"Great ideas! Love, love, love the concept. So how do we keep it going?"


December 13- YMCA Coaches Clinic

I just wanted to thank you for giving up your time to run the clinic. I’ve never been much of a volleyball player myself, but I’ve always felt a responsibility for giving the girls on my team the best chance to succeed in the sport and this clinic certainly gave me lots of new insights and ideas that I’ll try. I will definitely keep an eye out for you IMPACT clinics and I look forward to seeing what else I can learn to make my girls better.

 I appreciate all that you did in the clinic and I look forward to keeping in contact with you in the future.




Both times I have attended your meetings (IMPACT and then the clinic), I have gone away with new ideas and new things to try with the kids.  Thanks for your commitment to youth volleyball!!!

Thanks again



December 4- Northern Arizona Jrs. PGS-PAPI Presentation

"Thank you. It’s about time that we get together and understand life lessons are learned through the game of volleyball. This fosters the beginning of life long relationships with players and parents and disarms the uneasiness of new comers to club. Building these relationships will help with accountability in good sportsmanship and proper conduct and etiquette. Respect for each other is absolutely critical." Anonymous Parent


November 30- Zia Volleyball PGS-PAPI Presentation Photos


November 13- City of Peoria Parks and Recreation Coaching Clinic


“I think this was my favorite coaches clinic so far.  The first clinic you did was a huge eye opener for me but this one seemed more specific.  I loved that we talked rotation and defense positions.  I would love to get even more of that. I really appreciate you taking the time to do these clinics.  I think it is helping us all be better coaches which is helping the City of Peoria to have a better program.  I also am thankful for Matt that he is giving us these opportunities.

Thanks so much,



I found the clinic very helpful.  I have attended two others and was impressed at your ability to offer new drill ideas.  Last night was my first practice since the clinic and I incorporated the wall drills, using the tape to mark the height of the net, the shuttle, shuffle and the 1/2 court 3 on 3 game, as well as the setters drill for my 3 "designated" setters.  Next season I will use the white board to add the element of competition to the drills as you suggested.  I've been struggling with a way to keep them all focused and motivated and since they like the games so much, I think the idea of giving points and keeping score will help.

It was also nice to see the drills with real life players from the City.  When more advanced players are used, we see what the drills could potentially look like but when we take it back and try and implement it, it feels discouraging.  It was helpful to see how you would adjust or adapt the drill based on the skill level of the players.

Thanks again for volunteering your time.  I appreciate the sport and the opportunity to share my passion with my team.  But without your help, i would have been frustrated a long time ago and likely not continued coaching.

 Hope this feedback is helpful.  If you have specific questions about any part of the training, please write back.



November 6- Higley USD Coaches Clinic

Thank you so much for coming out and doing that clinic!  It was so much fun and I know that you were thinking that you should make me into a professional volleyball player but I should let you know that I am very happy in my job. 

 I spoke to Courtney after and she said that she had a blast and that she learned a ton. 

Thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

 Cailen McDonagh

Facilities and Recreation Supervisor

Higley Unified School District


I attended your Volleyball clinic at Chaparral Elementary/Middle School on Saturday and I enjoyed it very much.  I would really appreciate it and so would the girls that I will be teaching it to.  You made the drills/skill simple and easy to learn; something that the girls that I will be coaching will be able to comprehend and to execute.   

 Thank you for your time,



September- Brawley Parks and Recreation

Hope this email finds you well.  Just letting you know we got the rope thing down and it's working great.  I have over 30 kids in one of my groups and the rope has helped so much.  We get 4 mini courts and two full courts out of it.  It's really easy and the kids don't mind at all.  It's helped us get so many more reps in it's ridiculous!!!  So, a BIG MAHALO on that.  Pat is thrilled.  The kids in the clinic are doing so good and have already shown a lot of improvement AND they are having fun...we all are.

Other than that, doing good, work, volleyball, work, volleyball, husband, work volleyball husband is good.  (yes, that is me with a HALO!!)